Blankets (2003) by Craig Thompson Review

Craig Thompson’s graphic novel Blankets is a moving look at memory, family, faith, and first love. Readers love this 2003 book’s wonderfully designed pictures and heartfelt text. Blankets’ short tale, genre, primary characters, writing style, and conclusion will be examined in this 2000-word review.

Short Story:

Blankets is about Craig Thompson’s childhood in a strict Christian household in rural Wisconsin. Craig’s youth, faith challenges, and first love are beautifully interwoven in the story.

Craig and his younger brother Phil share a bed as a child, ergo “Blankets.” The tale depicts Craig’s relationship with his family, especially his brother, as he shares blankets to survive Wisconsin’s severe winters. The story follows Craig’s struggles in a strict religious setting, his connection with his parents, and his escape into painting.

The story centers on Craig’s adolescent years at a Christian winter camp. He meets Raina, a fellow camper, and their friendship becomes a difficult first love. The story shows the intensity and sensitivity of teenage romance through their ups and downs.

Blankets is a highly personal and introspective story, and Thompson captures it perfectly. It’s about self-discovery, family, and first love in a strict Christian setting. Craig must reconcile his past and present to manage life and love.


Blankets’ multiple genres make it distinctive and complex. It follows Craig’s growth from childhood to adolescence and his search for self-identity. Its mix of graphic books, memoir, and romance sets it different.

Blankets shows how visual storytelling works as a graphic novel. Craig Thompson’s detailed and passionate paintings bring characters and their feelings to life better than words. Text and art create a unique narrative experience that emotionally connects readers to the story.

Blankets is a memoir and coming-of-age story. Thompson borrows liberally from his personal life, making the story feel real. A very sympathetic and intimate investigation of the author’s life, the pages convey real emotions and personal observations.

Blankets also has romance. The novel centers on Craig and Raina’s growing connection and sensitively addresses first love. Love isn’t the story’s main focus, but it helps Craig discover himself.

Main Characters:

Blankets’ primary characters are well-developed and enrich the story:

Craig Thompson: The story’s protagonist and author, Craig is a sensitive and contemplative young man who battles with his orthodox Christian upbringing. The story follows his self-discovery as he navigates family, faith, and love.

Raina: Craig’s first love and story protagonist. Her creative and sensitive nature matches Craig’s love of art and music. Raina is relatable to anybody who has experienced the intensity of teenage love since their connection is shaped by adolescence.

Craig’s younger brother Phil is important to the tale. The story revolves around their sibling bond and shared experiences. Craig finds solace and friendship in Phil, especially during their difficult upbringing.

Craig’s Parents: Craig’s parents are conservative Christians. Their characters show how faith and individuality conflict, deepening the drama. These conflicts and relationships with their children shape the novel’s themes.

The story has several secondary individuals who are important to Craig. Campers and childhood pals reveal Craig’s growth and hardships.

Blankets excels in creating real, sympathetic characters. Their journeys captivate readers, making the story a fascinating investigation of human connections and personal progress.

Writing Style:

In Blankets, Craig Thompson writes lyrically and introspectively. He masterfully blends writing and hand-drawn images to create a distinct story. Thompson uses visual storytelling to convey emotions and complexities that words cannot.

Thompson’s writing transports readers to Craig’s subconscious as he contemplates his history and present. His descriptive descriptions capture surroundings and characters. The discourse is honest and shows the intricacies of human relationships, especially teenage awkwardness and vulnerability.

A highlight of the novel is its use of art. Thompson’s vivid, emotional pictures help readers relate to the characters. Visual metaphors and symbols enhance storytelling and reading.

Pacing is another strength of Blankets. The story moves nicely between past and present. Craig’s journey’s combination of contemplation and action keeps readers interested. Thompson’s storytelling skills allow him to portray complicated emotions through words and images.


Craig Thompson’s Blankets crosses genres. This graphic novel is brilliantly designed and emotionally moving. Any fan of visual storytelling and human interactions should read it for its poignant narration and stunning artwork.

This book is recommended for many reasons:

Blankets explores its characters’ emotions. Craig’s self-discovery, religious challenges, and first love are so authentic that readers are captivated.

Visual Excellence: Blankets’ illustrations are masterpieces. Craig Thompson’s attention to detail and ability to depict emotions make this graphic novel a visual feast. The artwork will impress even non-graphic book readers.

Relevance: Blankets explores universal topics including family, religion, and first love. The story will appeal with readers from diverse backgrounds.

Thompson’s storytelling is superb. He blends past and present, writing and art to create an engaging and thoughtful story. The characters are well-developed and the tempo keeps readers interested.

Blankets is a great example of visual storytelling for art and literature lovers. It shows how words and images can form a narrative that is more than its parts.

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