Wonder Woman – The Hiketeia (2002) by Greg Rucka and J.G. Jones Review

The 2002 Wonder Woman comic novel “Wonder Woman – The Hiketeia” was written by Greg Rucka and illustrated by J.G. Jones. A captivating and thought-provoking graphic tale on morality, justice, and consequences. In it, Wonder lady must choose between old Greek traditions and modern principles when she swears to protect Danielle Wellys, a young lady hunted by the Furies, malevolent Greek ghosts.

Danielle Wellys uses Hiketeia to seek refuge at Wonder Woman’s doorstep. This rite requires Wonder Woman to defend Danielle at all costs, even if it means breaking the law. Danielle is not an innocent victim, and her prior activities undermine justice and morals. Wonder Woman faces difficult choices that confront her values and principles as she upholds Hiketeia and seeks justice.


In the Wonder Woman series, “Wonder Woman – The Hiketeia” is a superhero comic. Its Greek mythology, morality, and ethics set it apart from other superhero stories. Due to its complicated moral difficulties and interpersonal tensions, it is also a drama. This genre blend gives the story depth and complexity, making it appealing to more readers.

Main Characters:

Wonder Woman (Diana Prince): The story’s protagonist. Diana is a brave fighter with high morals. She must decide between justice and protection when Hiketeia binds her to Danielle Wellys.

Danielle Wellys: A young woman seeks sanctuary with Wonder Woman through Hiketeia. Danielle is both a victim and a criminal. Her presence challenges Wonder Woman to weigh morality and justice.

Greek mythology’s Furies seek Danielle Wellys. These ancient entities represent retribution and are the story’s main adversaries.

Batman (Bruce Wayne): Batman criticizes Wonder Woman’s behavior and balances her unshakeable commitment to Hiketeia, albeit he is not a main character.

Writing Style:

Gregory Rucka’s “Wonder Woman – The Hiketeia” prose is elegant and thought-provoking. He perfectly blends Greek mythology and superhero stories. Readers learn about Wonder Woman’s inner struggles and struggle to balance her obligations through character development.

This graphic novel highlights Rucka’s examination of moral ambiguity and ethical issues. He explores the effects of one’s conduct and the conflict between honor and modern values. Well-written philosophical discourse elevates the plot beyond action and spectacle.

J.G. Jones’ art enhances Rucka’s prose. The graphics are detailed and show character emotions. Dynamic action sequences and great color reflect each scene’s tone. Jones draws legendary aspects, making the story visually appealing.


Wonder Woman lovers and those interested in thought-provoking graphic novels about moral challenges and ancient traditions versus modern ideals should read “Wonder Woman – The Hiketeia”. Greg Rucka’s superhero literature is profound, exploring ethics and justice.

This comic novel differs from superhero stories with action-packed conflicts and supervillains. Instead, it is a philosophical, character-driven story that challenges the reader’s morality. Wonder Woman becomes more accessible and human as she struggles between her sworn duty and her commitment to justice.

Greek mythology gives the plot a distinctive and timeless quality that appeals to aficionados of classical mythology and superhero stories. “Wonder Woman – The Hiketeia” shows Wonder Woman’s continuing popularity and capacity to tackle difficult ethical issues.

Finally, “Wonder Woman – The Hiketeia” is a noteworthy graphic novel that transcends its genre. A captivating story, amazing artwork, and a deep exploration of morality and justice. This graphic novel is recommended for Wonder Woman fans and those seeking a thought-provoking and emotionally moving read. Diana Prince’s strength, compassion, and morality are shown in superheroes.

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